Wall Etching (Middlesbrough, Edward Davies, c. 1981)

Press cutting courtesy of Middlesbrough Libraries. Photo by Al Coleman.

Status: Partially Destroyed

Edward Davies’ Wall Etching, or what remains of it, stands at the end of Orwell Street in the north west of Middlesbrough.

Photo by Dr. Tosh Warwick of Heritage Unlocked

Davies was a Dorman Long worker and freelance artist who lived on the street. Upon retirement he was commissioned by Cleveland County Council to produce this sandblasted memorial to the industry that created the town. Featuring mine carts, chimney stacks and furnaces, the work still stands, but now appears to be partly lost (as shown below). Other works – such as one depicting Middlesbrough FC’s centenary – seem to be completely lost.

The idea for the sandblasting came from Bill Douglas – then an Assistant County Engineer – who’d seen a similar work in Gateshead.

As if often the case, this is a work we need more information about. If you have anything to add please get in touch in the comments.

Thank you to Dr. Tosh Warwick of Heritage Unlocked and Karis Sirak for their help and research. Much of the information in this entry comes from an Evening Gazette article by Liz Tuttle (28/05/1981)

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