George Camsell (Middlesbrough, Sean Hedges-Quinn, 2022)

Credit: Tosh Warwick and Heritage Unlocked

A third statue has been placed outside Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium in a bid to give one of the club’s lesser-known legends the recognition he deserves.

Credit: Tosh Warwick and Heritage Unlocked

George Camsell – whose playing career spanned the 1920s and 30s – remains Boro’s all-time top scorer with 345 goals in 453 games, including a then-record 59 in the 26/27 season. Although this record was broken just a year later by Everton’s Dixie Dean, it’s still the second highest in English league history. Camsell also scored 18 goals in just 9 England appearances – an astonishing 2 goals-a-game international record.

Credit: Tosh Warwick and Heritage Unlocked

Despite these achievements, Camsell hasn’t been as feted as later stars in the modern era of the club – perhaps because his achievements have receded beyond living memory – so local historian (and founder of Heritage Unlocked) Dr. Tosh Warwick resolved to campaign for a permanent memorial to the Boro forward. Sculptor Sean Hedges-Quinn – who has also created statues of greats such as Bobby Robson and Alf Ramsey – was commissioned for the piece.

The statue’s unveiling (via Middlesbrough club website)

The statue was unveiled at 7.30pm on Friday 2 September to an audience including fans, club officials, and the Camsell family. It joins the George Hardwick and Wilf Mannion sculptures outside the ground.

Tosh Warwick also wrote an article for the club website, contextualising Camsell and his achievements.

There are now three statues outside the Riverside, with a conspicuous space remaining for at least one more statue. Someone from the distant past or perhaps a recent star? In my opinion, Maccarone mid-diving header or Juninho finger-wagging at Phillipe Albert would be perfect.

Northern Echo article about the unveiling (3rd September 2022)

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