North East Statues

North East Statues began in May 2020 as an open archive of public art in the Cleveland area of the North East of England. It’s the work of Daniel Cochran (who began the project) and Grace Redpath, who joined in 2021 through her work at Tees Valley Arts.

Despite our name, we only tend to concentrate on the Teesside/Cleveland area due to time/resource constraints. If you have anything from other parts of the North East, we’re happy to add them. Please send photos and a write up to northeaststatues@gmail.com. We’re always looking for contributors, but be aware that this is currently an unpaid labour of love that we do in our spare time.

Thank you to everyone who is and has been involved with this, including (but not limited to): the artists who’ve given their time and materials so generously; James Beighton at Tees Valley Arts; Peter Neal; Simon McKeown; Teesside Archives; Middlesbrough and Stockton Libraries; and the communities on Facebook and Instagram.

About Us

Daniel Cochran is a historian, journalist and teacher from Middlesbrough, UK.

He’s written for Time Out, The National and others, started public art history projects such as Statues of Budapest and North East Statues, been in numerous fairly unsuccessful bands (By Toutatis, Idiot Savant, Belly of Paris), lived and worked in Tokyo, Budapest, Manama and – of course – Middlesbrough, and been kicked out of more abandoned theme parks than is strictly healthy. He holds an MA in History.

He currently lives in Bahrain, feeding street cats and watching second division football. He misses Topo Gigios from GiGi’s Pizzeria in Middlesbrough.

Statues of Budapest
Public Art project in Hungary (2018-present)
Sub Story
Football history and groundhopping

The National (2021-present)
Time Out Magazine (2014-2018)
Budapest Flow (2019-2021)

Grace Redpath is a recent graduate from the MA Curating Collections and Heritage at the University of Brighton. 

Having been based in London for seven years, she came home to the North East in 2020. This return saw her take up the role of Assistant Curator at Tees Valley Arts’ gallery the Redcar Palace and every first Saturday of the month, order a Hot Shot Parmo from Peppinos in Skelton. 

The mundane and everyday elements of life keep Grace happy. She likes running, standing stones and The Fall. She also runs the Forty Years in a Moorland Parish Instagram, which investigates North Yorkshire folklore and customs.

Get in Touch

For collaborations, please reach out to us via email or socials.