TDC Statues (Various Locations, Unknown Artist, c. 1987-1998)

Photograph by Ian Cooper

The Teesside Development Corporation – baffling styled as TEEStSIDE on their logo* – was a government-backed scheme for regeneration projects in Cleveland. It was responsible for Teesside Park, Hartlepool Marina and the Tees Barrage amongst others before disappearing into a miasma of scandal and mismanagement in 1998.

Though the organisation is long gone, its distinctive obelisks remain near their projects. The local scuttlebutt indicates that there are restrictions on moving these pieces (and some eyebrow-raising rumours about their cost). They’ve already outlived their parent organisation by 20-odd years, but if this is true we could see them sticking out of the mud Ozymandias-style long after Teesside has gone to rack and ruin.

Even without the black and white photography these ones would be ominous. I’m no expert in the occult, but if someone activates all of these at the same time we’re in big trouble.

Photograph by Ian Cooper

Thank you to Ian Cooper for his help and photography.

This is – like all our posts – an ongoing document. We’re looking for more information about these where possible. Get in touch if you can help.

*Okay, okay…I know it’s supposed to be a £ sign, but it’s a common mistake judging by the comments on our recent posts.

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