Cascade – Tees Sculpture Trail #2 (Broken Scar, Infinite…, 2021)

Located a short walk south of the Tees Cottage Pumping Station at Broken Scar, ‘Cascade’ is part of River Tees Rediscovered’s Tees Sculpture Trail, running from west of Darlington to the North Sea Coast. Created by Infinite… (a team of multi-disciplinary designers and creators), the sculpture explores the relationship between humanity and nature:

A tower of interlocking planes, Cascade is inspired by how humans influence the river at this location. Made from painted galvanised steel, the forms and shapes are designed to echo water falling down the weir. Each plane has flowing lines and forms carved into it with random different sized cut-out circles, representing the foam that forms as water enters the pools below.

Photos by Chris Chapman Visuals for River Tees Rediscovered

You can download the Sculpture Trail Passport Booklet here. Information from the River Tees Rediscovered Website.

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