Piercebridge Touchstone – Tees Sculpture Trail #1 (Piercebridge, Russ Coleman, 2021)

The most western artwork from the Tees Sculpture Trail commissioned by River Tees Rediscovered, Russ Coleman’s Touchstone gives us a glimpse of what remains from the passage of time and changing climates. This is what is written about it in the Sculpture Trail Passport:

Our island was sculpted by ice when the planet warmed, so receding glaciers left erratics. Stones from another place further north were carried along in the ice. Ancient time travellers that helped shape this place. The artist sculpts and polishes the stones to reveal their true beauty. Delicate yet robust each piece gives visitors a direct connection to the land on which they stand. The piece is etched with words ‘Pro-gradi’, meaning slow progress from pro (advance before) gradi to walk forward.

Photos by Chris Chapman Visuals for River Tees Rediscovered

You can download the Sculpture Trail Passport Booklet here. Information from the River Tees Rediscovered Website.

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