#e11b22 (Middlesbrough, Jade Blood, 2022)

Photograph courtesy of Rachel Deakin, 2022.

Status: Temporary Exhibit (Now Removed)

Jade Blood‘s textile work #e11b22 (that’s the hexadecimal colour code for the shade of red used in the Middlesbrough FC badge) is the result of a workshop exploring the science and heritage of the colour red.

Navigator North invited the people of Middlesbrough to use natural materials (such as alum, bloodroot and madder) to produce red-toned dyes for cottons and silks, in what Blood describes as a “futile attempt of trying to achieve the Boro red shade”. The fabrics were then hand-sewn by the artist into a larger textile patchwork piece.

There was a surprise hidden in the piece too. In a workshop held by WetDoveTail to celebrate International Colour Day, the public were invited to create zines on the theme of the colour red. This work was compiled and turned into Iimited-edition, risograph-printed zines, which were secreted in a pocket of the artwork. These zines included information about local textiles industry links, short texts about the colour red, as well as additional content made by the citizens of Middlesbrough.

There will be an virtual exhibition about the artwork available at The Tunnel Gallery soon.

Photos courtesy of Vicky Holbrough, 2022

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