Waves (Seaton Carew, Stuart Langley, 2018)

Commissioned by Hartlepool Borough Council as part of the Coastal Communities Fund project, Stuart Langley’s ‘Waves’ stands as a testament to community endeavour, as well as Hartlepool’s particular coastal location and industrial heritage.

Sea-glass collected by local schools and community groups from Middleton Beach (once a Victorian dumping ground) is suspended with laser cut steel in a cast resin disk, giving the impression of being both caught in motion and frozen in time.

The project began in 2017, and a selection of sculpture proposals were put to a public vote. ‘Waves’ was decided to be the winner by both the public vote and the selection committee. The work is sometimes referred to locally as the Seaton Carew Air Wick, a nickname that Langley loves.

Sea-glass collecting on the beach

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