Spider-Man (Middlesbrough, Unknown, c.2000)

Status: Stolen

One for the “does this count?” section. Many of you miscreants of a certain age will – like me – have whiled away the hours in CHIPS computer game shop on Borough Road (not actually buying, but generally hanging around, playing games and annoying the staff).

This specially commissioned fibreglass Spider-Man crouched atop its roof (perhaps poised to swing from Church House to CNE) for a good chunk of the early 2000s.

We’ve already looked at the Linthorpe Stag whose antlers were stolen. Spidey was even more unlucky. In August 2011, the fibreglass webslinger was nabbed from the roof of its building, with just a broken arm left behind.

A police inquiry was opened, but as far as I can tell the statue was never recovered. Dave Collingwood – manager of building tenant Richer Sounds – told the Gazette that he believed it was “probably in some student house now.” (North East Statues protects its sources if anyone wants to privately own up to it…)

The first photo is from BBC News, the second from the Evening Gazette. The photographers weren’t listed, so if you know, please get in touch so we can credit them.

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