Two Rings (Helmsley Moor, Austin Wright, 1975)

Status: Stolen

Austin Wright’s “Two Rings” could be found at Helmsley Moor until it was stolen in 2004.

First installed in 1975 with the help of the Yorkshire Arts Association, the sculpture became “One Ring” in 1987 when it was vandalised. Eventually, thieves made off with the remaining piece in the dead of night.

Wright, who died in 1997, described the concept:

“It is one of those special places where for the first time you get a comprehensive view of the moorlands where both the land and the sky open out wide. I think of the sculpture as an acknowledgement of this: it concerns itself entirely with the view, like an eye, open to it.”

We’d love it if anyone has any better photos of this one for our archives. Get in touch if you do.

Information from the Gazette & Herald: 14th January 2004.

Press cutting from the Evening Gazette: 26th September 1977.

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