Faye (Middlesbrough, Janet Barry, 1987)

Photo by David Mann

Status: Destroyed

Janet Barry’s Faye – plain cast-stone statue of a huddled woman – was part of the MIMA collection, and stood on Linthorpe Road (outside what is now Cucumber salon but was Psyche Fashion). It was placed in 1987 and stayed there for a number of years before its destruction in the early 2000s. We know very little about this one, or the artist who created it.

Previously, the only images we had of this one were of the work in its graffitied and vandalised state (see below). Thankfully, we now have photos of the piece when it was relatively intact, thanks to follower David Mann (thanks David!).

If anybody knows the artist or was involved with the work, please get in touch. Shares are helpful – the more people see this, the more we can learn.

Written by Daniel Cochran, 2022.

Do you have any memories, photographs or information about these artworks? If so, feel free to leave a comment or email us at northeaststatues@gmail.com

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